100 Million Smartphone Users In the United States

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Market research firm, comScore released results Tuesday of the research over three months (November to January) in the United States mobile phone industry. For the smartphone platform is still controlled by Google Android with 48.6 percent market share, followed by Apple's IOS in second with 29.5 percent market share. Both of these platforms to increase market share by 2.3 percent to 1.4 percent for Android and IOS. While Google and Apple, followed by three other platforms, respectively with the RIM BlackBerry (15.2 percent), Microsoft (4 , 4 percent) and Symbian (1.5 percent). All three market share declined, by 2 percent for RIM, 1 percent to 0.1 percent for Microsoft and Symbian.

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ComScore also found that Samsung became the top mobile phone vendor in the land of Uncle Sam, with a market share of 25.4 percent, followed by LG (19.7 percent), Motorola (13.2 percent), Apple (12.8 percent) and RIM ( 6.6 percent). ComScore wrote that the number of smartphone users in the United States rose 13 percent since last October and passed the 100 million users, had 101.3 million to be precise.

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