Dell Stop Selling Phone in America

Dell Stop Selling Phone in America 
Dell has stopped selling smartphone in the United States as part of a strategy to better focus on other emerging markets and products with higher margins. Dell has recently announced that mobile Venue and Venue Pro will be the last phone and there will be no renewal of the mobile phone in the near future.

Dell also explained that party mobile products have a shorter life cycle than a laptop and desktop. Although some mobile gadget will launch in the future, but the Dell spokesman did not answer about the presence of her new phone.

But this is only for the U.S. market alone, Dell is still continuing his cell phone sales in other countries, such as the Venue Pro in India, Venue in South Korea, and Streak in Japan and China. The company is also still release tablets in various other countries.

An analyst from J.Gold Associates, Jack Gold, responded on Dell's strategy is that she felt quite right. "In America if you are not a Motorola, RIM, or Apple, the consumer smartphone will not take it seriously ', he explained.
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