Facebook Intend to Buy WhatsApp

Facebook Intend to Buy WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a multiplatform mobile messaging applications are considered successful. Due to of the success, Facebook interested in buying the service. This was revealed by a source who claimed to know clearly about it.

Unfortunately, still not many details of a possible deal between the two. Zuckerberg himself once told Businessweek that the biggest step is to move into mobile because currently there are 5 billion people who have mobile phones. WhatsApp is suitable to the scale desired by Facebook considering this service already has users in 250 countries and includes 720 mobile networks. WhatsApp also has been on many platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia S40, Symbian, and Windows Phone. Not only that, WhatsApp also has up to 100 million active users globally every day. Meanwhile, in late October 2011 and WhatsApp says that it is currently serving up to 1 billion messages each day. Application does have the potential to continue to grow given any phones that users still have to use the service.

origin source by tech crunch, BusinessWeek,

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