First Blackberry With Android Will Release

First Blackberry With Android Will Release

Blackberry. I haven't use this brand so far. I ever had intention to buy one of Blackberry phones before. It was long story. When i read from Amanz blog, Blackberry was only able to sell about 7 million unit in last year. It is really small figures compared to other rivals. They had gone far. Today, i was applaud to Blackberry, if it's true,they will come out with first Blackberry with Android OS at last.

The picture above is one of the upcoming Blackberry with Android OS. It is called Blackberry Venice. While another Blackberry is called Blackberry Prague.As rumors, they will come out at least two models of Blackberry with Android in Canada. Talking about the specification of Blackberry Venice, it was built with  high-end slider with curved Quad HD screen as big 5.4 inch. It is also has 3 row QWERTY keyboard and they make sure it will build bigger for user-friendly because it will high-end features with high price.

It will be powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, 3GB RAM. For the cameras, it be embedded 18MP for main camera and 5MP for front. This news will bring a new benchmark for Blackberry to boost their sales soon.

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Great to know that Blackberry is back with such amazing stuff. Blackberry is my favorite. Thanks for the details. Keep us updated. I am a regular follower.

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