Watch Youtube with Android Smartwatch

Watch Youtube with Android Smartwatch

Don't you ever think that we can watch any Youtube videos with our Android Smartwatch. It is now became reality. To watch Youtube via Android Smartwatch, we have to install a free application from Google Play called Video for Android Wear&Youtube.

There are several features of Video for Android Wear&Youtube:
  • You can view the Youtube videos directly from your watch's screen
  • Support of Bluetooth headphones and loudspeaker.
  • You can pause,play and search any videos
  • You can change the volume
All you have to do is you must paired your bluetooth with your smartwatch. Every application has pros and cons. The problem is you can only watch the video in minimal screen. It might be so tiny from a smartphone or monitor view. Apart of that, your smartwatch's battery will draining fast while you watch the videos. So, it is all up to you.

For more details and how to watch Youtube with your Android Smartwatch, please don't be hesitate to download if you own that smartwatch. There are several smartwatches that compatible to use that application.

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